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The complex standard business-model of commercial bank

The complex standard business-model of commercial bank (hereinafter – bank’s business-model) – is the system of integrated models, documents and other materials, describing most activities and management systems of universal commercial bank.
Bank’s business-model developed as data base in special software “Business Studio”.
Bank’s business-model is effective tool and manual for the formalization and optimization of bank’s activity. Also it can be used for preparation for certification and to bring quality management system to conformity with ISO 9000 standards. Many banks use bank’s business-model for benchmarking and for application of the modern achievements to production.

The structure of bank’s business-model:
1. Strategic management system and Balanced scorecard system (BSC / KPI) of bank
2. Business processes management system of bank
3. Personnel and organization structure management system of bank
4. Quality management system (ISO 9000) of bank
5. Project management system of bank
6. Risk management system of bank
7. Marketing management system of bank
Every management system in bank’s business-model include large quantity of model, documents, examples, success solutions, practical experience.

Bank’s business-model accumulates banking and consulting experience of more than 10 years.
Bank’s business-model includes detailed graphical models and regulations of the following banking business processes: loans, deposits, banking operations, debit cards, remote banking, banking accounts, banking safes, exchange controls, salary projects, IT-processes (ITIL / ITSM), risk management processes, marketing processes, quality management processes, personnel management processes, antirecessionary processes and others.
For business processes developed more than 500 KPI’s (key performance indicators).
Full description of bank’s business-model (Russian language) – look at the link: http://www.businessstudio.ru/buy/modelshop/nm_bank4.

Information about author
Isaev Roman
Expert of business engineering and management in banking.
Partner of companies group “Sovremennye tehnologii upravleniya”.
The fellow of banking quality standards Committee, the Association of Russian Banks (ARB).